Office Furniture and Equipment Lease-Financing with little or NO down payment!

Do you need to upgrade or add office furniture & equipment to your business but don't have the available cash or credit you need? 

Get the business tools and office furniture your company needs with help from PBS Capitals financial programs

From startups to growing operations to large enterprises, every company needs furniture and business machines to support their teams and host their clients and vendors. Whats more, every new hire and floor plan expansion means more office furniture and equipment must be purchased to support the growth. With everyone from CFOs to founders to investors scrutinizing the bottom line, its critical to minimize upfront cost and keep a healthy cash reserve for future initiatives. 

New and pre-owned equipment


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       Cubicles, desks, copy machines & more

       $500 up to $500,000 in equipment financing

       100% financing

       Minimal to No Upfront Cost

       New or pre-owned equipment

       Same day approval

      Wide variety of payment options

       From day 1 Start-ups to well
established businesses.

      All credit profiles considered

       Business only credit available

      Huge potential tax savings

Fortunately, PBS Capital can help. Our financial tools let you acquire the desks, cubicles, copy machines, file cabinets, conference tables, and other furniture and equipment your company needs ASAP, while giving you the flexibility to pay for it all in manageable monthly installments. Since your new equipment starts supporting increased revenue right away, you can use the profit your expanded operation generates to budget your monthly payments while you keep critical cash on hand to cover payroll and plan for future growth. 

Our financial programs are designed to help your company get needed technology, machines, and furniture as quickly and easily as possible. From whiteboards to workstations, PBS Capitals office furniture and business equipment specialists are here to help you scale up your enterprise profitably. 

If you don't already have an office furniture or business equipment provider in mind, our friendly support team will help match you with a PBS Capital-authorized vendor ready to serve your needs. If you are an office equipment or furniture supplier or provider, call us today to learn more about our Vendor Program.

Don't let a financial roadblock get between your company and success. Apply today. 915.240.5044


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Office Furniture and Equipment Lease-Financing


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