Equipment Lease-Financing 


An affordable way to acquire equipment quickly without huge out-of-pocket expenses.

With this type of funding you can finance up to 100% of the value of the equipment needed to start or run a business, including: computers, office furniture, company vehicles, machines, or special service equipment. This option typically includes a buyout for $1 at the end of the lease.


PBS Capital offers a quick and easy process to finance new or used equipment.  All we need from you is a price quote from the commercial seller and a 1-page application. We’ll take care of the rest. Our dedicated Loan Specialists will work to get you a quick approval on virtually any type of equipment. They will then find the payment option that’s best for you

New and pre-owned equipment

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•   Equipment Financing from $500 to $500,000
Get the money you need to finance or lease new or pre-owned business equipment.

•   Fast Credit Decisions, Single Page Application
Receive a credit decision for the maximum amount you can finance in as little as 1 hours.
Start-ups and challenged credits supported.

•   Affordable, Fixed Monthly Payments
Know your monthly payment and term in advance so you can handle your monthly cash flow more easily.

•   100% Financing, Minimal Upfront Cost
Our 90 day deferred program requires $0 down and our standard lease program only requires one advance payment and the documentation fee prior to the start of the lease.

•   Tax Advantages, 100% Tax-deductible
Lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense.

•   Preserve Existing Bank & Credit Card Lines
Leasing lets you acquire the equipment you need affordably, while preserving your other sources of credit.

•   Protect Against Obsolete Technology
Plan for a technology upgrade with the right lease or rental term. Never get stuck with obsolete equipment again.

•   Better Cash Flow & Asset Management
Manage your business assets and cash flow by financing your equipment purchases.

•   Choice of Lease terms
hoose form 24, 36, 48 and 60 month programs.

•   Flexible End of Lease Options
You will have the following options when your lease expires, trade up for new equipment, continue to rent the same equipment, return the equipment to the lessor or to exercise your purchase option and buy the equipment.

•   Low Rates for Established Businesses
If your business is older than two years with a good credit history, you can be assured that you will get the most competitive rates available.

•   New Business Lending
Providing equipment financing to new and start-up businesses is one of our specialties. If your company is less than two years old, you probably know that is usually tough to get banks and finance companies to talk to you. Not us!  We can finance 1 day start-up and new businesses.




·       550+ FICO Score

      We provide flexible leasing options to a wide range of clients.

·       1-Day Start ups, New Business and Established business. .


·       Equipment quote form vendor

      Send us a quote from your vendor and we'll get started.


Equipment Lease-Financing


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