Business Line of Credit

The Business Credit Line product is for small to medium sized business owners to utilize capital as they need it. This is not a credit card.

The Business Line of Credit is similar to an Unsecured Line of Credit in the sense that it extends a limited amount of credit to a business owner to utilize at their discretion. They only pay for the portion of the facility that is being used.

Business Owner Benefits:

        Merchant does not pay for what he dose not use

       Limits the impact of the advance on business cash flow

        Works synergistically with the needs of merchant

        The timing of the advance is dictated by the merchant and not the lender

       Extends the overall timing provide of the Business to pay back the borrowed funds


Call us for a confidential consultation to discuss your funding needs. 915-240-5044

Get a Business Line of Credit up to $500,000!


Keep your business running smoothly. Manage your working capital needs, draw funds when you need them. Be ready for unexpected bills.








       500*  Fico Score

        6 months in business.

       $10,000 a month in sales

        No open bankruptcies


Up to 24 Month Loan Terms

For a confidential no obligation discussion about your funding needs. - NO OBLIGATION

1. Call/Text Tony Piekarski direct to

915-240-5044   Or

2. Email Tony Piekarski at

3. Fill out the online Contact Form by CLICKING HERE!


If you are calling or emailing please be specific on the nature of your contact.

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