Small Business Lending Loan Referral

We believe in building strong relationships with our referral sources, so weíll work with you for the long-term to provide the funding your clients need to grow their business.

        We welcome referrals and extend brokers, bankers, and other professionals the same excellent service and fast, efficient process we give our direct borrowers.

        We guarantee referral fees in writing.

       We promise not to infringe on banking customer accounts.

Business Brokers and Loan Referrals

We see our partnerships with brokers as a key component to successfully closing loans, so we guarantee our very competitive referral fees in writing. We're here to help you close more loans, faster.

Community Bankers

Next time youíre looking to place a loan for a customer, partner with PBS Capital; we can do the deal quickly, approve loans many banks canít, and will never compete with you for your banking relationship.

Perhaps you donít have the resources in-house to do a SBA loan; or a commercial real estate loan may not be a good fit with your products. Refer them to PBS Capital; our products and services can complement yours and help you meet your clients' needs.

Professionals: CPA's, Attorneys and Consultants

You donít need to hunt high and low to find the financing your clients needójust call us. Whether your clients are looking to grow their business or refinance it, PBS Capital offers a variety of loan products with minimal down payments, longer terms, and a focus on getting the loan closed quickly.


If you think you are interested in becoming a Partner and would like to find out more or you have questions, call 915-240-5044 or e-mail your contact info to Tony at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Become a Partner

If you think you are interested in becoming a Partner and would like to find out more or you have questions;

1. Call/Text Tony Piekarski direct to

915-240-5044   Or

2. Email Tony Piekarski at


If you are calling or emailing please be specific on the nature of your contact.

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