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Your Military Training Prepared

You to Operate a Business or

a Franchise


You’ve completed your military career, and you’re ready to start a new career -- on your own terms. So why not use your own funding? As a military entrepreneur, you can use your Thrift Savings Account – or other retirement funds – to invest in a business or a franchise, start a new venture, or infuse capital into an existing business. In a time when business opportunities are abundant and business lending sources are scarce, this type of self-reliant funding allows you to get a fresh start – tax-deferred and without early distribution penalties -- using funds you already have in reserve. Thousands of Americans have already done so.


Studies indicate you earned discipline and skills in the military that directly apply to franchise management. Chances are, you earned something else: a Thrift Savings Account. With the Rainmaker Plan, from BeneTrends, Inc., you can use all or a portion of your Thrift Savings Account or other retirement plan funds to invest in a new franchise, expand, or add locations. In the process, you’ll establish a qualified retirement plan that helps you – and your new company’s employees – plan for the future. Take control of your career and your future – with your own funds.


Use Your 401(k) or IRA Savings To Fund Your Business


Access existing retirement funds to invest in a new business, without any tax penalties. Invest funds from a qualified retirement plan into your business. As a military entrepreneur, you can use your Thrift Savings Account – or other retirement funds. Sufficient qualified retirement plan: 401(k), IRA*, 403(b), PSP, SEP IRA. Other plans may qualify. Call for details. *Roth IRA ineligible

  • Minimizes going into debt for the start-up
  • No business financials are required / Applies to new
    and existing businesses
  • No early distribution taxes or penalties
  • Can be used to expand the business or provide additional
    working capital
  • Amount and type of retirement funds determine eligibility
  • Up to 100% of existing funds available for use


 Key Features: No Taxes; No Penalties; No Loan Repayment; No Hassles.


The Money can be used for buying a business, franchises, property, equipment or working capital.


EROSP- Entrepreneur Rollover Stock Ownership Plan



401(k)/IRA Business Financing 

and Small Business Funding for the Military

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