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Hereís how PBS Capital is addressing the COVID-19 coronavirus
internally and externally along with the types of funding that can help
businesses during this time.

PBS Capital internal COVID-19 policy

PBS Capital is open for business as usual. We have equipped our team to work remotely from home as appropriate to keep them safe and healthy. The focus of our team continues to be helping you find the right financing for your business and providing you with top notch customer service.

PBS Capital and your loan application

There has been no change to the PBS Capital Loans application process. The PBS Capital team and the banks and lenders in our network continue to work to help you get the right financing at the right time. Weíre happy to help you with non-disaster related loans from banks and lenders in
the PBS Capital network including SBA loans for working capital, debt refinance or commercial real estate. Bank Term loans, Equipment Financing and more customer financing solutions are also offered. With a broad range of financial options, we can help find the right fit for the majority of businesses in the U.S.


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PBS Capital is here to help your business survive this unprecedented time. We are here to help you work through todayís challenges and access the funding you need to help you get through and move forward.

If you need funding now


PBS Capital has a streamlined application process and you can get funds as fast as 7 days after your application is completed and approved. See if you pre-qualify in less than 5 minutes without impacting your credit score. PBS Capital facilitates:


SBA Loans

SBA loans have low rates, long repayment terms, and low monthly payments.


Bank Term loans

A Bank Term loan is a medium-term, fixed-rate loan with stable monthly payments. These loans are a great fit for many businesses that want a bank loan quickly. The same streamlined process is used for term loans.


Equipment Lease/Financing

Equipment financing is a loan option for small business owners looking to purchase new or used business equipment. Equipment loans are usually mid-to-long-term secured loans. Equipment finance is available with little or no down payment,


More financing options

You might want to explore other types of financing if youíre in a specialized industry, your credit scores arenít where they need to be, if you run a newer business, or if you donít yet have the revenue required for an SBA or Bank Term loan.


Next steps


If youíve determined that additional funds can help your business,
start an application with PBS Capital Loans here. The PBS Capital team
is ready to help you access the right funding at the right time.


Phone: 915-240-5044  
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What's the impact of the coronavirus on interest rates for small business loans?


To support the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Reserve cut its target interest rate close to zero. The interest rate drop along with the new SBA fee rules can help decrease the price of a loan from banks in the PBS Capital network.


Why itís a good time to seek funding?


Lower rates

Now is a great time to apply for low-cost funding for working capital or high-interest debt refinance. The Federal Reserve has lowered the interest rate to near zero Ė lowering the cost of capital.

SBA loan rates from banks in the PBS Capital network are now only 4.75% to 7.00% for loan amounts between $30,000 and $5 million (Prime Rate plus 1.5% to 2.75%).

How low-cost funds can help your small business


In these uncertain times, itís good to think ahead. Proceeds from a low-cost loan or other

financing solution can be used to strengthen your business. Funds can be used for working

capital, to shore up cash flow, or for savings.


Some businesses, like online retailers or health-related companies might experience an

uptick in business. In that case, funds can be used for inventory, equipment purchases,

marketing or even for hiring to handle additional day-to-day duties.

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